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Love In Action

 Weekly Sunday Service 11am

3rd Sunday 2 Services  11am & 3pm

God's Diamonds In The Ruff Podcast

A podcast that can be listened to audiably.  It is avaliable wherever you listen to music.  It can be found in Google search as well.  A new episode every Friday at 9am. You can go to 

Daily Live Facebook


Catherine and Michael

Monday-Saturday  8pm

Learning Truth Book by Book and Verse by Verse.  @LearningToLiveInTruth

Social Media Platforms

Always a Word & Encouragement

Facebook:  @elcm_family

Instagram: @elcmfamily

Need more motivation or want to connect with some leadership.  

Catherine Brown, Senior Pastor;  Michael Brown, Co-Pastor

Jordan Brown, Associate Pastor;  Dianne Brown, Mother of Church;

Allen W Brown, Evangelist;  Valita Brown, Lead Missionary; 

Joseph McKnight, Apostle

Food, Clothing & More
EIN:  27-3083942

The ministry acquires donations of all kinds and also purchase items to be given to those in need.  We petition your donations of whatever magnitude you would like to give. We have 501(c)3 status, therefore are contributions are tax deductible.  Look for community events thought the year to support and be supported, you never know!

Community Activities

We believe in giving to opportunity to move in unity.  Bringing people together kills the spirit of separation. Making the things that tend to divide people irrelevant.  Movies, Games Nights, Talent Shows, Karaoke and so much more....


Rides to and from appointments by request..  More targeted for older people who don't help in that area or a vehicle.  Also to grocery stores is key place where transportation is necessary. 

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