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Catherine Brown, Senior Pastor

Michael Brown, Co-Pastor

Catherine has been in ministry since 2007.  Michael was licensed and ordained into the ministry in 2016.  The two are on a journey together in doing what is necessary to spread the gospel.  

God has truly made Pastor Catherine a visionary and much more.  Jesus's idea of relationship is the fuel that keeps the duo with their hand to the plow in leading the flock.

"Bringing back hope is what we desire to give back to all who God places in our path. Not only give but be that for all, HOPE." -Catherine & Michael


Allen, Lead Evangelist

Valita, Youth Pastor & Lead Misssionary

Allen and Valita are also founders of the ministry.  The two have always walked together in the same stride.  Loving God and family above anything! 


Allen is not only Lead Evangelist but a Hip Hop Artist paving his way through the industry bringing Glory to God.  Valita stands by him and moving in her gift of hospitality-always with the goal of leaving a smile on your face.

Board Members

Joseph Mcknight, Apostle, Overseer & Dream Interpreter
Jordan Brown, Associate Pastor
Dianne Brown, Mother of the Church
Brenda Jones, Center/ Hospitality Leader
Jackie Vowel, Assisting Youth Leader
Calvin Brown, Lead Trustee

Julie Horton, Assistant Secretary
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